"Sound is all our dreams of music.
Noise is music's dreams of us."
Morton Feldman 1958

This is the portfolio of composer, sound and digital media artist, performer, researcher and software developer Hanns Holger Rutz.

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The work in this portfolio is divided into the categories of sound and other media. Sound is represented through sound installation, fixed media (tape), and live improvisation / live electronic pieces. Works that include other media such as digital image, video, or dance, are found in the trans media category.

Separate sections link to various software which I have developed and published as open source, and artistic and academic writings.

Photo: Størfan Sender

All material is (C)opyright 2000–2017 by Hanns Holger Rutz.
No material may be used elsewhere without prior permission.

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, some audio and video material can only be accessed after logging in with a name and password (Cookies must be activated!). Individuals who wish to access these files should e-mail me to obtain the login. I am currently resigning from GEMA, so eventually all audio content will be freely accessible.

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